Quarantine Livestream #25


Location: Charleston, SC (by the lake)



  1. Tears Run Dry (original, unreleased)

  2. I am a Woman (cover, Helen Reddy)

  3. Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me (cover, Mac Davis)

  4. It’s Hard to Be Humble (cover, Mac Davis)

  5. Texas in My Rear View Mirror (cover, Mac Davis)

  6. Hope (original, unreleased)

  7. Up The Junction (cover, Squeeze)

  8. Cruel Shoes (original, unreleased)

  9. First Cut is The Deepest (cover, Cat Stevens)

  10. Betty (cover, Taylor Swift)

(Click on the song titles to stream or buy original songs)

FB Link: https://fb.watch/3yTZ9SwE2C/