Quarantine Livestream #24


Location: Charleston, SC (by the lake)



  1. I Drink With Him (original, unreleased)

  2. Sweet Summer Saturday Night (original, released)

  3. Nashvillianaire (original, unreleased)

  4. Spin the Wheel (original, released)

  5. Sanctuary (Nashville, season 5)

  6. Help Me Make it Through the Night (cover, Kris Kristoffersen)

  7. At The End of the Day (Nashville, season 1)

  8. Don’t Do Me Like That (cover, Tom Petty)

  9. Strong (released with Jillian Cardarelli)

  10. Homeward Bound (cover, Simon & Garfunkel)

  11. I’m Coming Home (original, released)

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FB Link: https://fb.watch/3yTYgCGoGY/