Quarantine Livestream #19


Location: Orlando,FL (Paola’s livingroom)



  1. A World Without Love (cover, Paul McCartney)

  2. Let It All Go (original, unreleased)

  3. Sweet Summer Saturday Night (original, released)

  4. A Road And A Radio (original, released)

  5. You're Only Lonely (cover, J.D. Souther)

  6. Tequila Sunrise (cover, Eagles)

  7. I Still Haven’t Found What I'm Looking For (cover, U2)

  8. Sanctuary (Nashville, season 5)

  9. Halleluja (cover, Leonard Cohen)

  10. A Life That's Good (Nashville, season 2,5&6)

(Click on the song titles to stream or buy original songs)


FB Link: https://fb.watch/3yT6GtLAbT/