Quarantine Livestream #18


Location: Alexandria, VA (Cathy’s Porch)



  1. Lovin' Livin' (original, unreleased)

  2. I Miss You And Me (original, released)

  3. Blinded By Mine (original, unreleased, featured on the “Legendary CD")

  4. The Rose, duet with Cathy (cover, Bette Midler)

  5. Home By Suppertime (original, released)

  6. Down Memory Lane (N'est Pas)

  7. Stay Up Late (cover, Talking Heads)

  8. Here Comes My Girl (cover, Tom Petty)

  9. Sweet Summer Saturday Night (original, released)

  10. A Life That’s Good (Nashville, Season 2,5&6)

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FB Link: https://fb.watch/3yT5wi47mb/